What is Sand Painting Activity?

First of all, it is worth noting that sand paint card consists of 2 layers. To begin with, the outline of object (image) on upper layer is raised via a pin of cork board. This detached area is adhesive; so, the sand we pour will only paste to this very detached zone, and will not damage any other section. The surplus sand on the card will be put back into its box. Thus, we will have painted the outline.

Secondly, we should open by means of a pin the member of object we want to paint, and paint the area with desired colour. Having painted other sections we like with sand, we should paint the background of card.

What should we care for during Sand Painting Activity?

What should we care for during Sand Painting Activity?

The areas which we like to paint in lighter colours such as yellow and white should be paint after all other zones, since the darker sands may – even though in little quantity – blend with ones in lighter colours. In case we want to paint a white cat, we should apply white only after painting other parts (including background) around the cat with different colours.

First of all, we should open the outlines (borders) of the object to be painted, and paint this zone black or dark blue. This implementation aims at obtaining more precise outlines. As the outlines are painted with darker hues, other places will be more distinct. As a result, our picture will be more stylish.

Finally, the background should be painted once all others are accomplished.

Advantages of Castle Concept

  • • The concept consists of ramparts and towers.
  • • Ramparts are designed for storing the materials, whereas the tall towers serve for stocking helium gas. The tube within tall tower has a special apparatus; the latter transmits the gas out of the tube and we obtain a flying balloon.
  • • Each sandbox, designed in trefoil form, enables using sands of 5 different colours.
  • • Children may easily carry out the activity around sandboxes.
  • • Children may choose their preferred cards on the Plexiglas plate where sand painted cards are exhibited; thus, it is easier to convince them.
  • • It attracts the attention of families and investors thanks to stylish look and practicability.

Specifications of Sand

The sands are manufactured pursuant to CE and TSE standards, and related certificates are obtained. The sands consist of granite, marble, rock and glass crystals. Sands are firstly varnished and painted, before being varnished once again. Therefore, it is impossible that the point on sand contaminates anything.

Advantages of Sand Painting Activity

  • • Our activity, which aims at perfectness, provides a possibility of achievement of 100% for your child.
  • • The child has to make a planning in order to decide which colours to apply on the card he/she chooses, therefore, the child's ability and knowledge regarding design, colours, colour harmony and coordination improve.
  • • In the course of activity, the child has to wait before the table and sandbox; consequently, the child learns to be patient. As a result, he/she will complete the activity in good relationship with the mates.
  • • Since the activity will be flawless, the self-confidence of child wild increase.

Packaged Sand Painting

The set includes one 23.5x16.5 cm sand painting card, 8 packages of coloured sand, 1 opening pin and 1 preservation bag for painted card.

Nasrettin Hoca Sand Painting
Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray, Beşiktaş, Trabzonspor Sand Painting Cards
SpongeBob Sand Paintings

Application: The parts on sand painting card, which is adhesive on the bottom surface, are taken of in sequence; coloured sand grains are poured on it in order that they adhere to bottom surface and colour it. Thank to sand painting activity, where the possibility of mistakes is almost out of question, the child can perfectly make his or her own sand painting. "KIRMIZI ŞATO SAND PAINTING" activity, which is based on painting licensed cartoon characters with coloured sands, offers a flair-improving alternative for children.

Sand painting card of 23.5x33 cm.

Big Sand Painting Card Hello Kitty Sand Painting Cards Cars Sand Painting Cards

Sand painting card of 23.5x16.5 cm.

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